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Distance Consultation

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Distance Consultations


Did you know that you do not have to physically come into the clinic for a herbal medicine consultation?


I’ve been doing remote consultations successfully for many years, and have patients all over the country and beyond.


Many patients prefer it since it saves on the time and cost of commuting into the city. It’s enjoyable, and you get all the benefits of your herbal medicine consultation from the comfort and convenience of your own home. We find that there is still a very close personal connection, thanks to the video link.


It is also a safer and better option if you are feeling unwell and want to access help without leaving home. Consultations in dressing gowns are just as effective!


If you have not done a medical consult by video before, don’t worry – I have done many. Here’s how it works:


How does a video consult work?


You can use phone, laptop or computer – any device that has a camera.


Some consultations will include screen sharing so I can show you in-depth information about your diagnosis or treatment options. A laptop or computer, if available, will be better than a phone for this.


I send you a link prior to your appointment time to join my consultation room via a video meeting platform such as Zoom or Skype.


At your appointment time, make sure you have a cup of tea, are sitting comfortably, and join the consult!


What treatments can be done by a video consult?


All of my diagnostic and herbal treatments are available by video consultation.


For new patients I have not already met, an initial in-person consultation at my Edinburgh clinic is ideal, if it’s logistically possible for you. It is not essential though, as all consultations can be done remotely.  We discuss your health concerns, needs and treatment plans, and the video call means that we have the same connection as an in-person meeting.


If blood tests are required for clinical testing, I can order them through a network of local phlebotomists, and I use state of the art laboratory and nutritional testing through various UK laboratories. Any herbal remedies subscribed are made up specifically for you and dispatched to your home from my Edinburgh clinic.



What do existing remote patients think of video consultations?


“Having telephone consultations with Jean has been liberating! No commute, no waiting and no pressure: just an instant, very personal and supportive review of my health and well-being...and medicine delivered direct my door shortly afterwards!”


“I've been doing remote consultations with Jean for a long time now. I find it to be very good. I have multiple health conditions and find travelling through to the clinic can be extremely exhausting for me. By doing consultations remotely makes me much less fatigued. I also feel it's quite relaxing too as you are in your own home and can chat, have a cuppa and take down any notes if you wish. I personally feel that Jean's consultations are very similar to being in the clinic with her.”

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