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CogMission was founded in 2017 by Charmaine Shepherd and Jean Dow. At CogMission, we use a Functional Medicine approach to identify and treat the underlying causes of cognitive decline. Although we use the principles and functional testing outlined by the Bredesen Protocol, we have more than 40 years combined experience in treating complex conditions.

The CogMission Approach

The Bredesen Protocol was developed through the research of Dr Dale Bredesen in California, who identified dementia and Alzheimer’s not as whole diseases, but as complex illnesses with up to 45, previously unrecognised, contributing factors.


Even with great advances in modern medicine today, there is still no simple solution to treating cognitive decline. Because of the complexity of the illness, it has been impossible to find that magic drug that would end this debilitating condition. Despite billions of pounds being spent on trying to find a cure, western medicine is no further forward.


Dementia develops as a result of many contributing factors including genetics, hormonal factors, nutritional deficiencies and toxicity to name just a few. To find solutions for slowing down and reversing this, we must find what the individual contributors are for each person. Although we can gather a great deal of information through question taking, we do rely heavily on extensive laboratory testing to find all the possible contributors.

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