Functional Medicine

The system of Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.


I am in the process of completing full certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) 


I have now successfully completed the programme AFMCP (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) and all modules including:

  • Applying Functional Medicine in  Clinical Practice

  • Hormones (Re-establishing Hormonal Balance in the Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, and Gonadal Axis).

  • IFM Advanced Practice Modules in Gastrointestinal Health. 

  • Bioenergetics advance Module (Evidence and Emerging Clinical Solutions for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Dysfunction).

  • Cardiometabolic Advanced Module

  • Immune advanced practice module 

  • Environmental Health Advanced Practice Module: Addressing the Toxic Effects of the Exposome by Enhancing Biotransformation and EliminationImmune 

  • I have also completed the IFM Reversing Cognitive decline Advanced Clinical Training and am a Cytoplan Licensed Practitioner for The Brain Health Programme.


In the 21st century we need a new system of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of today’s patient. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person and not just an isolated set of symptoms, promoting health as not just the absence of disease but an optimal vital state.

Integrative, science based healthcare approach

Functional medicine practitioners look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. We don’t focus on the “downstream” symptoms but more look to the “why” is something going wrong with the body.

Integrating best medical practices

Functional medicine integrates traditional Western medical practices, such as blood testing, gut testing, genetic testing with herbal medicine, diet, exercise, stress-management and supplementation to focus on repair and prevention.

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