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A few upcoming events for 2022

All workshop dates and times will now be revised as the next few weeks tell us more about what measures we need to take around Covid 19 (Coronavirus). Please stay tuned for more information and I will let you know when workshops will be resumed/held. Please contact me for any further info by email or phone.

Plant Encounters -


4 weekly workshops - coming soon

Are you interested in getting to know plants a bit better.  Would you like to spend some time with us in our second series of plant encounters – learning about the marvels of the plant world?  After such positive feedback from our first Plant encounters we are running it again.

In our series of 4 online 90 minute sessions we will share our combined knowledge and experience as medical herbalists as we investigate plants as healers – physically, emotionally and spiritually. In each hour and a half session we will be spending time looking at a specific plant from a variety of perspectives – historical, energetic, medicinal and ceremonial and we will illustrate how you can benefit from interacting with each one, and how to use them in creating special space in your homes and lives – from uses in the kitchen and home pharmacy, to use in seasonal ceremony. We will show you how to make and use your own simple plant preparations for effective, basic herbal remedy use at home, and provide ‘after-notes’ for you to use later. 

We would love you to come along and join us both for this lighthearted but rewarding journey where we will each be bringing our own slants on how to engage with the herbs and trees around us.

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